Risk of faulty installations

Electrical fires, causes and prevention in UK


In the UK alone around 15% of house fires are caused by faulty wiring, faulty outlets, outdated installations and mainly by faulty appliances and broken leads.

Lots of these could be prevented by periodic inspections and testing.

Many houses still have old types of wiring without up to date protective devices which could detect some faults before it even occurring. In general houses should be rewired every 20 years to prevent any accidents caused by deterioration.

Other causes of fire are overloads of existing installations by adding too many current drawing devices on old wiring for which it was not designed. Landlords should have HMOs (Houses of multiple occupancy) tested every 5 years or every change of the occupancy yet most choose not do so or simply ignore it.

Here at kV Electrical Ltd we firstly design everything to your specifications, than "future proof it" and after all that install it. Only using high standard components from certified manufacturers. This is to prevent any accidents now and in the future and to keep you and your property safe.

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